Becoming a climate action workforce

We partnered with Ecologi to become a climate action workforce. Here we talk about what that means and how we did it.


In a world where your environmental footprint is more important than ever, more businesses are taking steps to address climate change and promote sustainability. Elementary Digital has embarked on a transformative journey to become a climate-positive workforce. Here, we explore why we chose to become a climate-positive workforce, the role of our partnership with Ecologi, and the benefits this decision brings to the environment, our employees, and customers.

What is a Climate Action Workforce?

Being a “climate action” workforce means offsetting the carbon impact of our workforce. This means tackling not only our core business carbon footprint but also considering our wider impact on the environment. We partnered with Ecologi, a pioneering climate action platform, to facilitate this by supporting high-impact carbon avoidance projects, such as reforestation, that absorb and store carbon.

Who are Ecologi?

Ecologi is a UK-based company founded on the belief that individual and corporate actions can collectively make a significant difference in combating climate change. Their platform connects businesses and individuals with tree-planting initiatives, carbon offset projects, and sustainable initiatives worldwide. Ecologi not only calculates the carbon footprint of its partners but also actively works to reduce and offset emissions, making it a trusted partner for companies seeking to make a positive environmental impact. Every month this allows us to offset 30 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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Working with us as a climate-positive workforce means partnering with a company dedicated to environmental responsibility.

The Benefits of a Climate Action Workforce

Like a lot of businesses, we had a goal to move to “net zero”, which aims to neutralize or offset our carbon output. But after looking at this goal it became apparent that we could achieve much more.

Environmental Benefits

By becoming a climate-positive workforce, Elementary Digital is taking concrete steps to reduce its carbon footprint and actively work towards a healthier planet. This commitment includes planting trees, supporting renewable energy projects, and investing in carbon reduction initiatives. Reducing industry emissions is one of the single biggest impactful change we can make to reach limits on global temperature rises; greenhouse gas emissions must decline 45% by 2030 to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Reducing emissions not only helps achieve this goal but also contributes to restoring ecosystems, enhancing biodiversity, and improving air quality.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Employees are increasingly seeking workplaces that align with their personal values, and a climate-positive workforce can be a compelling factor in talent attraction and retention. Having a commitment to environmental sustainability creates a more meaningful work environment that goes beyond the “daily grind”.

Customer Impact and Brand Reputation

Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious and are actively seeking products and services from environmentally responsible companies. By taking action for the climate, we hope to support our customers in their journey to environmental sustainability. Beyond being the right thing to do, climate action can be a valuable selling point and set our customers apart from their competitors.

Our Ecologi badge tracking the number of trees planted (September 2023).

Our partnership with Ecologi reflects our commitment to not just mitigate their carbon emissions, but to actively contribute to environmental restoration. Hopefully we have given a sense of how our commitment not only benefits the planet but also enhances employee satisfaction and customer loyalty, demonstrating that businesses can play a vital role in addressing climate change and fostering a sustainable future. As more companies follow suit, the path to a climate-positive world becomes clearer, one tree at a time.

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