Elementary Digital collaborates with York Learning coding bootcamp

Elementary Digital recently partnered with York Learning to provide knowledge of the tech industry and how to navigate the job marketplace to its coding bootcamp.


The demand for skills in the tech industry is growing, and people from all backgrounds are wanting accessible pathways to break into the field. One initiative that’s making strides in the community is York Learning, who provide learning opportunities to build academic and career pathways in the city of York. They work with employers and community organisations to create stepping stones for learners, no matter their age or background, to improve their quality of life through education, employment and wellbeing.

Code bootcamp

York Learning code bootcamp is a six-week course designed to introduce learners to the skills and knowledge needed to enter the tech industry. It caters to a diverse range of learners, from beginners with no prior coding experience to those looking to enhance their existing skills. The bootcamp’s curriculum covers a spectrum of coding languages, web development, and programming principles.

One of the most appealing aspects of coding bootcamps like York Learning’s is their focus on practical, real-world skills. Unlike traditional computer science degrees, which often require several years of study, coding bootcamps offer an introduction to different pathways into employment. As an employer we felt like we could help learners by introducing them to the tech industry.

How we helped

We organized a talk aimed at inspiring bootcamp students and providing them with practical guidance on entering the tech industry. The talk covered topics such as building a strong online presence, networking, and preparing for interviews. We ran a series of advice sessions with mock interviews where learners could explore next steps in entering the job market.

The results

Learner feedback allowed us to reflect on how coding bootcamps can bridge the gap between education and employers. Here is some feedback on why learners chose to sign up and what they got out of it.

Employment Opportunities: Perhaps the most significant benefit of coding bootcamps is the increased employment opportunities they provide. As an introduction to different areas of “coding”, learners are given the opportunity to get a taster of different employment opportunities available.

My aims and objectives of the [bootcamp] were to get myself back into a coding frame of mind after a period of time off… I have enjoyed learning my way around Scratch, but the most interesting parts of the course for me will most definitely be when we start to study about websites.

Nick, a recent graduate of the York Learning Coding Bootcamp, shares his experience

Skills Development: In a world where digital skills are highly valued, the skills learned in a coding bootcamp can be applied to all kinds of roles, not just in the tech industry.

A little over a year ago my partner and I decided to start a Spanish Academy (Ojalá Spanish Academy). Because of this, I started experimenting with design and code. I would like to work on [Bootstrap and WordPress] in the future, I really like it… and I think a bootcamp would be a great help to get started in this world.

Maria, one learner, hopes to apply her skills to her own language academy

Diverse Career Paths: Coding bootcamps open the doors to various career paths within the tech industry, not just web development. Graduates can pursue roles in database management, software engineering, data analysis, and more. This versatility allows individuals to tailor their careers to their interests and passions.

I've just had an interview with [Elementary] and it was very informative and eye opening. I really appreciate all the knowledge and help I've received from the course, it is definitely life changing.

Sabrina, who is studying bioengineering and is interested in developing her skills in R, shares her feedback

Contributing to a code bootcamp was rewarding for us, too. Our own team of developers, project managers and solutions specialists come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences; what we’ve found is there’s no one route into the tech industry. By collaborating with programs like York Learning’s Coding Bootcamp, we hope to foster a more inclusive tech community, where talent is welcome regardless of background.

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