Bringing WordPress to Pokerstars’ global gaming brands

Delivering a WordPress multisite solution that supports multiple languages, live tournament updates, and flexible branding, delivering a scalable experience for players worldwide.

Project overview

Pokerstars, one of world’s leading online gaming brands that offers a range of games, including poker, casino, and sports betting, approached Elementary Digital to create a new blog platform for their diverse set of brands.


  • Multilingual WordPress theme support.
  • Live blogging allows readers to keep up to date without refreshing.
  • Flexible styling to support different brand properties.
  • Design and UX consultancy.

The brief

Pokerstars approached Elementary Digital with the challenge of creating a multisite WordPress solution to support their various properties, including Pokerstars, Pokerstars Sports, and Pokerstars School. The project required three different multisite blogs for each property, with the ability to support multiple languages and live updates from tournaments using Websockets. The theme had to be flexible enough to work for each brand in each locale.

Part of the Pokerstars network of sites.

The solution

To support the different properties of Pokerstars, we created three different multisite blogs: Pokerstars, Pokerstars Sports, and Pokerstars School. Each blog was designed to support multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, and French.

The Pokerstars blog focused on news and updates related to the poker industry, including tournament results, player interviews, and strategy tips. The Pokerstars Sports blog provided coverage of various sports events, including football, basketball, and tennis. The Pokerstars School blog was designed to help new and experienced players improve their skills and knowledge of the game.

We designed and implemented an AWS solution that allowed multiple sites to support a complex proxy setup. This was necessary because Pokerstars is a global brand, and the sites needed to be secure and accessible from multiple domains and paths simultaneously.

The Pokerstars blog.

Live blogging

One of the unique features of the Pokerstars multisite solution was the use of Websockets to support live updates from tournaments. This allowed users to stay up-to-date with the latest results and events in real-time without refreshing the web browser. This created an engaging and dynamic experience for players and viewers.

The multisite solution was also designed to support a complex proxy setup that allowed users to access the sites from multiple domains and paths simultaneously. This was achieved through the use of AWS, which provided a secure and scalable solution for the global Pokerstars brand.

Pokerstars live blogging.

Our impact

Our solution for Pokerstars achieved its goal of supporting multiple properties, languages, and live updates from tournaments. The solution was designed to be secure, scalable, and accessible from multiple domains and paths simultaneously, making it an ideal solution for the global Pokerstars brand. The theme has been rolled out across their blog network.

The people that made it possible

  • Joana
  • Michael
  • Rodger